Sniper V4 Accessory Kit

  • Beschrijving

The V4 Accessory Kit Contains:

    • 1 Set Extruded Aluminum Rear Targets
    • 1 Leveling Block
    • 5 Brass legs to form tripod configurations
    • 1 Delrin Tripod Holder
    • 1 Delrin Template Holder
    • 1 Steering Center Template
    • 1 Combined Caster Template
    • 1 Instruction
    • 1 Packaging


The V4 Accessory Kit is an add on for the V4 System. It gives the ability to measure Compound Caster, Compound King Pin Inclination and simplifies the measuring of chassis twist and squareness. Note: This kit is not required to make the V4 system function, it simply complements it.