Boots Supertech R GP Track White/Vent

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Sizes/Maten/Tailles : 45

New high performance/racing boot, constructed with hi-tech micro-fiber, designed to meet light weight and performance requirements in top level racing.  -- Supremely protective, flexible and comfortable design, offering excellent aerodynamic performance, fit and feel with the bike and specifically positioned ventilation to aid airflow through the boot. Specially developed TPU external protective profiles continue Alpinestars philosophy of giving optimum impact protection. -- Side opening/exit zip with stretch bellows panel edge to ensure close fit and ease of access and removal. Security and adjustability is further improved with internal Velcro® which ensures a tight, non-slip, connection between surfaces. -- Micro adjustable ratchet top closure for added precision and security around the calf. -- External shin protection wraps around to cover calf and is shaped to dissipate impact energy across the entire surface while ensuring ease of movement and compact profile. Vented sections promote airflow into the boot to keep the riders foot at an ambient temperature. -- External heel protection counter is profiled to provide excellent protection with no impediment to comfort. It also features a vent to aid airflow to the riders’ foot. -- Front flex area is constructed with a soft TPU mesh to allow flexibility and abrasion resistance with specifically shaped ‘reliefs’ to allow better forward and rear movements. -- Achilles flex area wraps around the lateral and medial sides of the protective heel structure and allows natural movement. -- Top gaiter is constructed with high-grade synthetic which is soft, flexible and follows the contour of the leg. The inner side is over-injected TPU which gives a secure grip surface with a leather suit. -- Full length suede leather panel on the inner side of the boot provides a very clean, flat surface for excellent grip and feel against the bike and adds protection from abrasion and heat. -- Technical lightweight sole features a specific rubber compound which gives excellent grip and feel while allowing natural flex as the rider changes position and pressure on the foot-peg. -- Special, lightweight, toe shifter gives feel and protection for changing gear and preventing pinching over the toes. -- Replaceable TPU heel plate slider and integrated side insert give highly effective impact protection and reduce friction in the event of a fall. -- Exchangeable, clip-on, toe-slider gives good feel and protects the outer toe box structure from abrasion  (upgradeable with a magnesium slider)  -- The SUPERTECH R boot is CE certified. -- Separate internal bio-mechanical ankle brace works with the outer structure of the boot to form a protective system allowing full and free movement of the foot, ankle and leg. New research has produced re-profiled double hinged inner and outer torsion bars to give greater impact protection of the ankle and progressively absorb flex and rotation stress, reducing pressure and hyper-extension injury to the lower leg joints. -- The inner ankle brace is constructed with a fiberglass charged polyamide and ergonomically designed closed cell padding to give protection and comfort. -- Alpinestars exclusive lasting process has developed the Supertech R’s fit and feel characteristics to an even greater level, ensuring the inner structure allows the rider maximum feedback from the bike. -- Specially developed polyamide compound moldings give impact protection while retaining the ease of natural skeletal movement. -- Speed lace closure ensures rapid and accurate entry and exit and with micro-adjustability, ensures perfect fitting and security.